Does life insurance cover SCUBA diving?

SCUBA diving has recently gained a lot of popularity among thrill seekers in America. With various oceans, reefs and even lakes to discover, more and more people are donning SCUBA gear and leaving the sandy beaches, in order to explore the marine life. The recent rise in SCUBA diving is also leaving many wondering if SCUBA diving is covered by life insurance, or if additional policies need to be purchased. This article will further details what SCUBA diving is, the life insurance needed, and serves as a helpful guide to all who are looking to put on SCUBA gear and explore the beautiful water and its wildlife.

What is a SCUBA diving?

SCUBA diving is the exploration of the unforgettable sights and sounds of the underwater world. SCUBA stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. This breathing apparatus allows SCUBA divers to stay underwater for prolonged periods of time without having to resurface for air and to breathe as naturally as if they were on land. Learning to SCUBA dive can be extremely fun and requires practicing the ability to breathe into a mouthpiece, control breathing, as well as to learn various skills and techniques for safe underwater diving and exploring.

Many people who choose to SCUBA dive often do so on vacation or with a class. People are also often uncertain as to if they need insurance to SCUBA dive or if their current life insurance plan will cover them. Below are some helpful tips for those who are looking to explore marine life up close and personal by strapping on some SCUBA gear and diving below the water’s surface.


Who needs life insurance?

Life insurance is something which has typically only gets considered when people get married, aging, or recently had a child. However, life insurance which is something every person should take a closer look at and consider purchasing. These five groups of people should highly consider purchasing life insurance:

  1. Empty nesters – the children may be gone, but a life insurance policy can help maintain a standard of living in the event if one of the spouses passes away.
  2. Singles without children – take advantage of being young and healthy and lock in a lower premium rate
  3. Small business owners – life insurance helps to fund a retirement plant
  4. Retirees – retirees typically travel more and life insurance is a great protection plan in the case of an unforeseen accident
  5. Stay at home parents – this group often over look the fact that if something happened to the stay at home parent, the working parent would then have to find childcare and pay for other services currently being provided for by the stay at home parents.

Regardless of what stage of life you find yourself in, life insurance is something everyone should consider and could benefit from (Find more from here).

Does My Life Insurance Cover SCUBA diving?

When applying for life insurance, insurance companies do consider far more than your health and age, they also consider your hobbies. People with higher risk hobbies, such as sky diving and SCUBA diving, are considered high risk clients and may find themselves having a harder time obtaining life insurance. If you are a certified SCUBA diver you will find you qualify for lower rates than those who SCUBA dive recreationally.

If you currently have a life insurance policy and are trying to determine if your current will cover your upcoming SCUBA diving excursion, it is best to call your policy holder and check with them to make sure you are covered. If you are not covered you will need to answer more questions, provide more information about your upcoming trip, and may see an increased premium in order to obtain coverage. As a best practice, if you are ever doubtful of if you are covered by your current insurance policy, call your insurance company and check with them before embarking upon any new adventure.

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