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What to Expect For a Life Insurance Physical Exam

There is a hilarious sub plot in Jennifer Aniston’s Along Came Polly where an eccentric (and risk taking) billionaire is attempting to get a life insurance policy. His lifestyle and habits are scrutinized by the company, most notably by Ben Stiller’s character, in order to determine if he is a poor risk.

Of course he was, but got the insurance anyway, just like the hero got Polly. Luckily, your lifestyle won’t be put under that extensive of a microscope when you apply for a life insurance policy. You might however be asked to take a physical exam.

What is the Insurance Company Looking For?

A life insurance company is not going to expect you to be in perfect health, but they are also not going to want to insure someone who has a condition that is going to shorten their life...

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the simplest form of life insurance available and works for many people. It is the most affordable life insurance option as well. It works by selecting a coverage amount then paying a determined premium for the life of the policy. Term life is called term coverage because you select an amount of time to be covered, after the term length is over your coverage ends. Some companies have an option to continue the coverage, but the premium you pay will increase after each additional year.

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Life Insurance Quotes Canada

Years ago, obtaining a life insurance quote was a tedious process. Today, most companies allow you to obtain a life insurance quote almost instantly online. To save you some time and give you an idea of how much life insurance costs, I have collected some life insurance quotes from companies operating in Canada.

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