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What to Expect For a Life Insurance Physical Exam

There is a hilarious sub plot in Jennifer Aniston’s Along Came Polly where an eccentric (and risk taking) billionaire is attempting to get a life insurance policy. His lifestyle and habits are scrutinized by the company, most notably by Ben Stiller’s character, in order to determine if he is a poor risk.

Of course he was, but got the insurance anyway, just like the hero got Polly. Luckily, your lifestyle won’t be put under that extensive of a microscope when you apply for a life insurance policy. You might however be asked to take a physical exam.

What is the Insurance Company Looking For?

A life insurance company is not going to expect you to be in perfect health, but they are also not going to want to insure someone who has a condition that is going to shorten their life...

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What Life Insurance Considerations do I Need to Take Before Surgery?

The moment you have been scheduled a surgery, you should make sure that you contact your insurance company and update them on the issue. Provide them with the date to have the surgery, type of procedure and the phone number of the hospital’s office. Ensure to discuss the type of post-surgery services that are covered by your insurance plan, like the home physical therapy, rehabilitation hospital care and the equipments e.g a walker and a commode.

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Does life insurance cover SCUBA diving?

SCUBA diving has recently gained a lot of popularity among thrill seekers in America. With various oceans, reefs and even lakes to discover, more and more people are donning SCUBA gear and leaving the sandy beaches, in order to explore the marine life. The recent rise in SCUBA diving is also leaving many wondering if SCUBA diving is covered by life insurance, or if additional policies need to be purchased. This article will further details what SCUBA diving is, the life insurance needed, and serves as a helpful guide to all who are looking to put on SCUBA gear and explore the beautiful water and its wildlife.

What is a SCUBA diving?

SCUBA diving is the exploration of the unforgettable sights and sounds of the underwater world. SCUBA stands for self contained underwater breathing ap...

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Life Insurance Coverage for Road Bikers

Some people hesitate about the idea of becoming a road biker. Even those adventurous people have to think twice about road biking due to consequences that could hurt their family. The idea of riding a bike on the road seems dangerous due to the amount of collisions that occur between bikers and vehicles. Despite that, some have decided to be a road bike but they have acknowledged there is a chance of an accident. That is why they have looked for life insurance, to ensure that their families are protected in case an accident does occur.

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How Much Life Insurance is Enough?

At some point in our lives, we all ask ourselves that how much life insurance we need? It may differ according to what stage of life you are in. If you are not married and don’t have children, you probably don’t need much coverage.

If you are a currently married couple and you have acquired bills in the form of installments of several cars and new apartments, you definitely need an insurance cover for all, or some of those properties.

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